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Dr. Jaspreet Singh Sran is a highly respectable and experienced Senior Orthopedic Consultant. He is dealing with all kinds of foot and ankle problems at his clinic. He has been treating foot and ankle injuries since 2007 in the Tricity of Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula. Dr. Sran did MCh Ortho from the UK, MS Ortho as University Topper, Fellowship in Joint Replacements & Arthroscopy.

Our Clinic Address – House No. 1820, Sector 34 D, Chandigarh

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Dr. Sran says, “if everyone chooses to wear comfortable shoes most of the foot/ankle injuries or deformities can be avoided.”

If you are suffering from foot or ankle pain and looking for a personalized and non-surgical way to manage the pain, then book an appointment today at our foot and ankle pain clinic in chandigarh.

Non- Surgical Management for Foot & Ankle Conditions

Dr. Jaspreet begins treating the majority of his patients with conservative care to reduce foot & ankle pain and improve mobility without surgery. Using his customized management plans as per patient requirements broadly consists of :

  • PAIN MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL using non-steroidal medications to reduce swelling, pain, and muscle spasms.
  • PLASTER, SPLINTS & BRACES with this he immobilises foot and ankle which helps in healing in injuries involving ankle sprains and fractures. He may also advise avoiding weight-bearing using crutches.
  • SHOE MODIFICATION AND ORTHOTICS are very helpful in certain foot and ankle conditions to relieve pressure, using insoles, arch supports, and shoe modification. Once pressure is relieved and proper foot biomechanics are followed thus improving stability and reducing stress foot pain gets better quickly.
  • INJECTIONS some conditions like foot & ankle arthritis, chronic tendon injuries which may be due to trauma or sports-related may help to decrease swelling, pain and increase mobility. Injections may include corticosteroids, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) depending on patient to patient.
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY plays a major role in foot and ankle recovery. This helps to strengthen muscles, improve mobility, and flexibility of joints can be given gradually depending upon stage of healing under the guidance of your foot and ankle specialist doctor.

Common Foot and Ankle Conditions

Foot and ankle injuries are quite common while doing our daily activities and can impact our activities like walking, work, daily household chores, and playing sports.

These injuries can be treated by Orthopedic Surgeons, Foot & Ankle Specialists, podiatrists.

Variety of foot and ankle problems may include ankle sprain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, club foot, foot, and ankle pain, foot and ankle fractures, Achilles Tendon problems Achilles tendonitis, Achilles’ tendon tear, bunions/hallux valgus, overriding toes, ligament injuries, diabetic foot, hammer toe, corns, calluses, Morton’s neuroma, ankle instability, ankle arthritis, foot arthritis, jones fracture, lisfranc injury, tarsal coalition, distal tibia, fibula, calcaneum, talus, metatarsal, tarsal bone injuries/fractures, foot injury, ankle injury, avascular necrosis (AVN) talus, osteochondral lesion of the talus (OCD Talus), rheumatoid arthritis hindfoot and forefoot, osteoarthritis ankle & degenerative arthritis problems can affect foot and ankle.

Most foot and ankle conditions can be treated non surgically but few patients may need surgical intervention like Achilles’ tendon repair, ankle arthritis surgery, ankle replacement, ankle fusion, ankle Arthrodesis, deformity correction (osteotomy), ankle instability, ligament surgery, open reduction, and internal fixation (ORIF) for fractures, Bunionectomy, minimally invasive, arthroscopic foot and ankle surgeries, etc.

Foot & Ankle pain problems are treated by Orthopedic Specialist Doctors, Foot & Ankle Specialists, & podiatrists

Have Questions about Foot/Ankle Pain Treatment?

Please feel free to ask Dr. Jaspreet Sran, if you have any queries related to Foot/Ankle pain treatment. We are also on WhatsApp at 9888892222.

Our Orthopedic Clinic

House No 1820, Sector 34-D
Chandigarh, India – 160022


Monday to Friday – 11:30 am to 2:00 pm (Morning)
Saturday – Closed
​​Sunday – Closed

Consultation Fees

Our Consultation fee is Rs. 350.

Any more Questions?

If you have any more questions, then give us a call right now and we will answer all your queries. You can also send us a message on Whatsapp.

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